Qualifications and other information:

No smoking in any rental unit

Generally No dogs allowed. We allow some pets at some locations. We will discuss. No Pitbull dogs or pit mixes ever. Pet fees apply in advance of getting the pet (if allowed). These are fees and are not refunded.

Roommates: you can have a roommate if they are approved, but the lease must be in one person's name and that person must be able to afford the rent on their own. That means two people that cannot afford the rent on their own cannot rent a place together to make rent payments, unless they are related and have lived together before.

Good rental history: You need to have 2 years of rental history with good references. Living with family or friends does not count. You need to have demostrated that you, the tenant, can pay rent and utilites on a regular basis. We must check with prior landlords. If we can't than no approval. Again, friends or family do not count.

Income required: We do not rent to people that cannot afford the unit. Standard practice for the industry is that you need to make three times the rent in take home pay or net you 'net check' on a monthly basis. Typically this will mean the following hourly pay for these locations:

If you have child support or car payments that also affects your ability to afford the rent. Please list everything.

You will need to complete an application (click on the application link in the fdront page) and provide photocopies of your pay or income and your driver's license. $15 application fee per adult.

We do not approve anyone with prior broken leases or evictions.

Complete background check is done. We genreally do not appove felons.

Special note to parents or friends that are inquiring about a rental for their kids or their friends:

We want to talk and communicate only with the prospective tenants. If they are unable to understand or clearly communicate their rental history, net income, job status, criminal history, monthly car payments and or other payments, then we will not be able to rent to them. We do not do 'co-signer' agreements, so if they do not meet our stringent qualifications we recommend trying another rental source.